About us

Real people - here to help you

The Radarhomes ethos is simple: we're here to help get you moving. We work closely with our agent members to find you your perfect property.

Searching thousands of properties

We've got every property you could wish to find under one roof (pun intended!)

Working hand in hand with local agents

If you need an agent to value your house, or if you just want to chat about the market with them, we've got you covered!

We have all of the premier agents onboard. What's more, we work closely with them - we know their names, they know ours. Look out for their profiles throughout the site; read them, get to know them, then give them a call!

With Radarhomes and our members, you have the winning ticket.

On a website you'll love...

We've worked really hard to make our site as clean and as easy to use as possible for you. You won't see any adverts, you won't see any clutter; just the property information you want. We don't stop there either; because we work closely with our members, you'll find agent profiles all over the website. Need a local property expert? You'll find them within the property information, or use our find agents page.

The site is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it's functional, too. You can save favourite properties to your shortlist without having to creare an account, you can save a search so you can come back and see what new properties have been added since your last visit, you can set-up email alerts to keep yourself informed of the latest properties in your search area, plus loads more.

...that fits in your pocket

Let's go mobile together! Our site formats perfectly to your mobile so you can view the best properties on Radarhomes anytime, anywhere. No cumbersome app to download; it's fast, intuitive and is ready to go!

With our mobile technology you can quickly and easily search for properties in your area. You can even use our roaming search function, which will find properties in and around where you are right now with your mobile device. You can thumb swipe photos, you can save properties to your favourites, and you can contact agents by phone or by email.

All you need to do is load up our site, and we'll do the rest. Make sure you bookmark us so that you can get here quicker next time.

Property agents - we're perfect for you

Radarhomes.co.uk allows property agents to future proof themselves against the rising costs forced upon them from the national portals over which they have no financial ownership or control. At present, agents provide the content that enriches property portals but are in turn charged heavily for the privilege of doing so.

Radarhomes aims to be the industry-leading digital marketing partner for its shareholding estate agency members. It achieves this by promoting its members’ properties on its property portal and by providing them with additional digital marketing services, including mobile, social, website and lead tracking tools.