Part Exchange

Radarhomes Part Exchange

For Customers

Radarhomes Part Exchange brings house sellers together by matching their respective properties in order to create a potential Part Exchange.  As an example, Customer A has a two bedroom terraced house and needs a bigger house for their growing family.  Customer B has a three bedroom detached house and needs to downsize their property because their children have now flown the nest. 

When Customer A inputs their details into the Radarhomes Part Exchange, the match is found.  Customer A then contacts the agent who is marketing Customer B's property and arranges a viewing.  Customer A loves Customer B's property and Customer B arranges to see Customer A's two bed terraced.  Customer B also loves Customer A's property and the two sales are agreed.  

In short Radarhomes Part Exchange gets you moving! 

For Estate Agents

Radarhomes Part Exchange uses its sophisticated matching technology which works like a dating service to the property market, helping agents create more from their listings.   To get Radarhomes Part Exchange working you will need to upload your vendors' buying criteria via the simple facility we have created; the technology does the rest and even sends you an email alert when a match has been found! 

The public can also match their property against the database to find exchanges; the site will direct them to the agent who has the match, therefore providing the agent with a potential new instruction which would otherwise not have been found, not to mention the two sales!

Radarhomes Part Exchange will enable agents to match their property registers against the entire Radarhomes database to find potential exchanges, creating chain free sale opportunities between agents without the need for a proceedable buyer.

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