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Different ways to value your home - for sale or rental:

Several websites offer “Automated Valuations” - crude online estimate available immediately. One step better is to look up the values of recent comparable property sales via the Land Registry, and apply some common sense for another view. We can help get you a range and average view across these various tools as a base line. But these tools can’t really answer the question alone...

In truth, nothing can possibly replace the knowledge a property professional, who really understands the local market. They can factor in the nuances of your particular property, its condition, very recent sales (which aren’t yet showing up in Land Registry data), factor in real local market demand, and special factors such as school catchment areas, local transport factors, extensions, planning and so forth.

At Radar, we can take away all the pain of this process for you...

If you are serious about wanting a valuation, fill out the form below. We will help you through the basic online research, then introduce you to the best local agents for your particular property. With your permission, we can put you in touch, and ask them to give you the most accurate view of the value of your property.

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